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We are a full service advertising agency based out of Chennai. We provide advertising, design, media planning and buying, market research, digital marketing and public relationship services to all our clients. Delivering what you need is our biggest priority. We create, re-innovate and we deliver each and every time – promoting your brand.


Each company has a personal brand, and each brand conveys a story. We build each story with the help of thorough research that works to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of advertising your brand. Along with digital marketing, we work in collaboration with leading TV and Radio channels as well as with leading newspapers in the country.


Social Media Marketing

Out of the 7.6 billion members of planet Earth, over 4 billion of them are wired into social media and the internet. This means with the click of a button, we can give you access to an audience that makes up nearly half the population of the entire planet. It’s a steal!

Branding and Package Designing

A strong brand position in today’s market is key for the survival of any company. We offer you a fresh perspective and solid designs for your brand, to equip your brand with the image that resonates with consumers and a packaging layout that stands out amongst the crowd.

Ad Shoot

Red Maple offers you the benefits of creating and personalizing your ads ‘in-house’. Giving both the audience and the client, exactly what they want and need. When we say we want to help you make the best possible impression in the public’s eye, we mean it!


Studies show that there is a direct link between the quality of a photograph and the sales of a product. A good picture has the potential to project your brand beautifully and perfectly. This quality helps your consumer visualize the product’s usage, and this is what we focus on at Red Maple – quality.

Web Designing

In the context of digital marketing, if you expect a well-recognized and popular name for your brand, then a good website is key. We handle everything from the layout to the content that the site features; giving you an edge over the competition.

Train Branding

Train branding offers a compelling way to enhance a brand’s visibility, strengthen its identity, and engage with diverse audiences. By incorporating creative design elements both inside and outside the train, brands can make a lasting impression and foster a deep connection with consumers.

OOH Advertising

Step into the vibrant world of OOH advertising. OOH advertising is a dynamic and impactful marketing strategy that reaches audiences while they are outside their homes. OOH advertising grabs attention in high-traffic areas, making it an effective tool for brand visibility and message delivery. Its versatility and ability to target specific demographics make OOH advertising a valuable addition to any marketing campaign, offering a tangible and memorable way to connect with potential customers in the real world.

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Red Maple Media is a Digital Marketing & Advertising Agency, that excels in both traditional & digital advertising. With 25 years of experience in this field, we give our clients a much needed edge to perfect the advertising campaigns on all platforms - TV, Print, FM and Digital.