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The ideal photograph says everything about the product, it should convey the message that the advertiser or business wishes to convey. Without the assistance of any text, the photograph should be able to convey the message about the product.

Red Maple is an Ad agency based in Chennai. We specialize in digital & traditional advertisements. In a city as competitive as Chennai, we are thriving. Our full-service approach to promoting your brand name allows us to see to all the little details in the promotional process.

We provide an in-house ad shoot service for product photography in Chennai. This means we can work very closely with our clients, to provide exactly what they are looking for & what the customer will like best. We also cover all your e-commerce needs with E-Commerce photography in Chennai as well.

A highly detailed picture will attract & retain the attention of the customer just form a aesthetic point of view. Once you reach this stage, you’re already halfway there. Photographs, especially good ones, can bring so many benefits to the table, & Red Maple will help you bring them to fruition.

Here are a few reasons why it is so crucial to your business in the modern workplace:

  • Attention – Visuals are a great asset in the modern age where people are flooded with tons of content on a regular basis. It grabs their attention amongst all the noise of other information. It helps you stand out as a brand.

Also, reading can only be done so fast, & people often don’t have the time or patience for it. Images help move this process along & help them understand all the important points at a faster rate, therefore they can take in larger amounts of your content in a shorter amount of time.

  • Response – People are more likely to respond to content accompanied by captivating imagery.
  • Emotions – If used properly, photographs can evoke a strong emotional response from consumers, & this can often be much more beneficial to make a sale than clever slogans or interesting headlines.
  • Connectivity – A brand is much more likely to make a customer connect with a product or service when they use images because so much of our communication is non-verbal. Images allow them to open a dialogue between themselves & the message that the ad carries. Making them more likely to act on it.
  • Trust Humans are psychologically wired to make snap decisions like fight or flight. We are faced with these choices every day. An image, especially a highly detailed image, with lots of information in the visuals will help make that decision faster. This appeal strikes a bond of trust between the brand & the customer.
  • Visualizing – Photographs can help convince people to buy or use a product or service because the visual nature of the medium lets them visualize using it themselves. This moves along the decision-making process in favour of a transaction.

Now you know how much of an impact a good photograph can have on your advertisement. That being said, we hope you can see the value in having an in-house photo shoot that gives you, the client, to work closely with us. This ensures that both you & the customer get a quality result.



Red Maple Media is a Digital Marketing & Advertising Agency, that excels in both traditional & digital advertising. With 25 years of experience in this field, we give our clients a much needed edge to perfect the advertising campaigns on all platforms - TV, Print, FM and Digital.