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Digital Marketing

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Any aspiring company that wishes to take the market by storm or grow in this economy, needs digital marketing in its strategic battle plan to make it in this digitized world. Digital marketing includes any & all efforts of marketing, executed through the internet, social media, or any other digital means. The aim of this method of marketing is to achieve widespread recognition & promotion of a brand’s name.

We as a digital marketing company in Chennai know the level of competition that this city brings. That is why we have an optimized plan of attack that ensures the best results for our clients. It is a tough game but, we know what is needed to survive in this economic climate & we know we have what it takes to help you to make your mark in a comfortable & easy way. It doesn’t have to be difficult.


Social Media Marketing

We ensure that your online presence is prominent on all the major social media sites so as to gain maximum exposure.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) makes it easier for the customers to find the website or service, thus bringing in more customers.



Google Ads/ PPC

PPC transforms your online presence; making your business even more visible to consumers, through paid advertisements.


Content Marketing

Content is the king when it comes to any marketing strategy. Good content will sell itself as well as your brand’s name when done right.


Web Design

The website is the first impression. It determines how customers connect with your brand, setting the tone of how people perceive you.




Blogs are key to bringing in traffic. Without traffic, there is no business. It’s what brings your content to the attention of customers.


E-Commerce Marketing

We use the latest in digital marketing methods to maximize the reach & sales of your online e-commerce business.


Email Marketing

There is no business out there that doesn’t use emails. We can help you turn it into a massive marketing tool.

Video production

Videos engage customers & pull them in. People are 64% more likely to buy something after watching a video; we can help you cultivate this.


With all these services & more, we as a digital marketing agency/ company in Chennai are confident that we can help you get you to where you need to be.


Red Maple Media is a Digital Marketing & Advertising Agency, that excels in both traditional & digital advertising. With 25 years of experience in this field, we give our clients a much needed edge to perfect the advertising campaigns on all platforms - TV, Print, FM and Digital.