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Instagram is a unique thing in itself, yes it is, in fact, a social media platform, but it stands out from the rest due to the extraordinary impact it can have on your business and the reach it can give, but it’s not just about the reach it can provide, it’s more about the way in which it does and the way in which people engage it that makes it so unique and so effective. 

The application centers around pictures, captions, and videos, which people can instantly share and upload onto the platform from anywhere with a phone & a decent net connection. It is simple in design, easy to use, and most importantly it is easy to view as an audience. The content is made attractive thanks to the modern layouts.

Whether you are posting workout videos, giving life tips,  providing marketing tricks, or just a picture of you eating some obscure fruit, Instagram has the means and capacity to get your content out to a prospective audience and potential, future clients. That being said, it should seriously be included in your arsenal of marketing strategies.

So, with that out of the way let’s get down to it, and look at the ways in which it can help you get your business up and running.


Gives you Exposure and Reach

First and foremost, reach is what you’re looking for yes? Yes. trust us, we know what you need. Instagram can help you gain a vast social reach amongst the population. How? Simple. It is, after all, a visual platform, so you can take advantage of that and promote your product or services through exciting and captivating visuals.

You can take it a step further by making use of the latest hashtags that are trending and cycling them into your posts, thereby making it easier for people to find. You also need to make sure that you respond to people’s comments and leave comments yourself, the more organic the better as people respond better to authenticity. So engage them! Get to know your audience on their level.

Helps you build a Community with your Audience

You can attract like-minded people to your cause with the use of gorgeous visuals and trending hashtags as we discussed before. The sense of authenticity can really be cultivated in-depth with this platform as it allows you to share with your audience the ‘behind-the-scenes’ of your business.

The little quirks of your operation, how you work, the energy in the work environment, those weekend company parties or small celebrations, they all count; these are excellent ways of humanizing your business and making it more relatable. People need to think of it as any regular job, which they can identify with, not some corporate machine that is just looking to turn a quick profit.

They want to see the inside of your business, in it’s raw and honest form, quirks and all. People want to see a picture of employees working, joking, practical jokes that you play in the office, anything to make people feel close to you as a business.

This builds an element of trust that just can’t be bought, it has to be nurtured and you can really succeed in this with Instagram.

Offers your Followers Benefits and Sneak Peeks



Through this platform, you can, like any other business, offer your clients and followers sneak peeks and preview products or services way before it hits the market, & this can be taken further through offers you present to them, this kind of access prompts a sense of ‘exclusivity’ towards your brand. We all know how far people will go to get that which is rare and exclusive, that which can make them as the trendsetter amongst their peers.

Essentially your teasing people with a ‘limited edition’ of your product or service, and this makes them want it even more. So really you are getting a lot by giving very little.

This invites others to follow you as well, thus you gain more and more ground on your brand’s reach.


Bring Traffic to your Website



We talked a lot about what kind of platform Instagram is, and what kind of a reach it can give due to it being a very visual media platform, but the fact of the matter is, Instagram is not so 1 dimensional.

The app is constantly being updated with more and more features that make it effortless and that much more convenient. It provides your clients and customers a chance to window shop what your brand has to offer them, giving them a taste of your product or service.

All this in addition to new features such as video ads, shoppable posts, and swipe-up links, you can pull a lot of traffic through your website, giving your content plenty of exposure.

With all these changes being made on such a frequent basis it makes reaching out to the clients that much easier. People don’t have the time nor the inclination to follow up link after link to finally find their way to your site, it causes people to lose interest very fast. With these new shortcuts like the ones on Instagram, people can get the full workup of your product or service with the touch of a finger. It’s fast and convenient, just how people like it.



Like any social media platform, the world of Instagram is ever changing and it brings a lot of challenges for businesses, yes, but it also brings around a lot of features that are beneficial. The point being, it is very easy to get the word out there through Instagram as it is a medium that sees more than a billion users every month, every one of them, a potential customer or client that you can reach, giving your brand and business a stronger foothold in the industry.

Just keep in mind that there is a time frame on these sort of things so don’t wait around too long for the ‘right time’, the best time is the now!

All it requires is minimal investment and time on your part and you are bound to succeed.