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First of all, let’s take a look at what social media marketing is. We all know that social media is the modern method of communication, that has effectively taken over how our society operates. It connects us all, over the span of the globe. It gives us exposure & elicits responses in real-time, even in the most remote places.

Social media marketing is the use of these social media platforms to promote the sales of a product or services of a particular business.

Now let’s take a look at why as a business, more specifically, a business in Chennai, you should invest in one of the top social media marketing companies in Chennai.

Let’s dive in.

Every business should have it as part of its expansion plan. Social media helps to drive more & more traffic through your business. It doesn’t matter what kind of customer base you are targeting or maintaining if you are not using social media, because by this point most if not all of them, have access to social media & maintain a prominent virtual presence on the major social media platforms.

A company that takes advantage of this & makes its business & services more visibly available through these platforms will bring in a tidal wave of potential customers, thereby exponentially expanding their business/profits.

  • The proper usage of social media marketing can also boost your website’s SEO. The more exposure you gain through social media the better optimized your business is, leading to a sort of snowball effect where it just gets better & better.
  • It helps you understand your consumers & their needs. This allows you to be better prepared when it comes to putting your next foot forward when moving to implement a new campaign or marketing strategy.
  • Social Media can help you target a specific niche group that your product or service will have the best effect on. This builds brand loyalty.
  • Subsequently, it can provide certain benefits that traditional forms of marketing can’t. E.g. in traditional marketing it reaches everyone & casts a very general & wide net, but with social media, it can be more specific & can be designed to target only those groups of people that have the potential to becoming customers or have interest in the product or service.
  • If a business is really active with its social media marketing, it also allows the audience a chance to connect & build a relationship with said business. This can have drastic effects on profit margins.
  • It is substantially cheaper than other traditional forms of advertising & makes reaching out to consumers easier, on a larger scale.
  • It allows you to be the first on the scene to the latest trends, as any major news nowadays breaks on social media, long before it hits the news channels & as a business, it would be extremely helpful for you to tap into this resource.

Even here, there is a multitude of social media marketing companies in Chennai, but there are very few like Red Maple.

We as a social media agency in Chennai offer our take on the process of integrating social media into your business expansion plans. We are a firm believer in working closely with the client & walking with them as they go through big & transitional processes.

At Red Maple we have a unique set up, as we have a dedicated group of individuals who have significant amounts of experience & strong backgrounds in the world of digital marketing & social media marketing that gives us a strong platform to work off & an edge over the countless firms in Chennai.

Another thing that we try to accomplish here, is that we try to truly understand the client, the consumer & the product that we are promoting before we even attempt to go into sales or promotion tactics.

We try to see every point of view so that we can help you take every single step, in the most calculated & precise way possible.

This will allow you, as our client to reap the benefits of a truly structured, detailed & layered plan of attack that will ensure the growth & promotion of your business, while spreading awareness for the brand on a large scale.


  • Social Media Audit

This is where we look into how well built your profile is as a business & the level to which it is involved in social media promotions. We also take this as an opportunity to seek out any weaknesses in your profile, both on paper & online, which we then make amendments to, so as to boost it for optimum operating capacity. We analyze the data, & provide modifications that, when applied will result in a significant boost.

  • Competitors Analysis

We then proceed by staking out the competition & analyze their tactics -this is done for competitors who are a big threat, the ones who are on your business level & even the smaller businesses, so that we cover all the basis & a full understanding of the market’s atmosphere, as well as your position in it. – we proceed by analyzing the data we gather & formulating a business plan that will outshine the competition.

  • Create a Strategy

We subsequently, create a strategy that not only outshines the competition but also ensures maximum fan engagement & response to the service or product.

  • Generate leads (that convert into sales)

After all, is set in motion, leads will be generated through social media through advertising & many other forms that will eventually turn into sales & profit.

  • Build the relationship with the customer base

The final stage in the process is that we cultivate a strong relationship with the customers so as to gain brand loyalty & help keep the process going in the context of the long-term.

In the end, you can trust that we will get you to where you need to be. We are well aware that we are only one of the many social media agencies in Chennai, but we put in that extra work, & go the extra mile to ensure that every detail is executed as it should be, so that you as our client can have the best experience, when cultivating a business in a market environment as competitive as this.

For more information, please do get in touch with us, we would love to hear from you!


Red Maple Media is a Digital Marketing & Advertising Agency, that excels in both traditional & digital advertising. With 25 years of experience in this field, we give our clients a much needed edge to perfect the advertising campaigns on all platforms - TV, Print, FM and Digital.