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Web Design Company in Chennai

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Web Design Company in Chennai

As a business, your website is often, the very first thing about your company that the audience comes across. That being said, the first impression you make has to be the best impression.

The elements of an ideal website are that it is relevant, user-friendly & professional. Your website should convey what your business is about without being too over the top or flashy. Websites are an excellent tool in E-commerce Marketing & will greatly boost your online presence.

It’s important to keep in mind that web design in itself encompasses many factors such as the content it features, the visuals, the operating speed, the SEO & even conversion rate optimization.

As one of the best web design companies in Chennai, we can help you achieve many things on your path to building a business from the ground up.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when designing & setting up your website:

Is it User – Friendly?

If your website takes too long to load, or lags, or even if its too flashy & doesn’t get to the point fast enough, then people will click-off. It has to be to the point, carry the relevant information for your target audience, be easy to navigate & visually pleasing.


The consistency of your website should be present & in-line with all your other marketing tools such as brochures, magazines, ads, logos, colours etc. If the website deviates too much from the core essence of the company then the customer will feel that disconnect & you start losing potential customers.

SEO friendly

Unique & regularly updated content helps boost your SEO capacity. Having fresh content provided by blogging really helps drive traffic through your website.


As a business on the rise, you surely would be using PPC advertising, & if you are, then landing pages are important. The click from the ad to the web page should be effortlessly fluid & should again, be consistent with design & relevancy. This consistency can transform your potential customers into Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) for your website, as the website & ad will have done the job of getting customers to make directed decisions & make purchases through the use of good design techniques.


Red Maple’s background in the marketing world, both digital & traditional has you covered in this regard. We are one of the top web developers in Chennai utilize our extensive experience as well as sound practices to give you the best website & your consumers the best & most interactive experience they can have with your business.

We make use of web analytics to constantly monitor the progress your site makes & keep in touch with the latest trends in search patterns so that your website is always trending & in the now. We also tap into social media to allow your target audience to have a more immersive & interactive experience with your business. It also makes it easier to find your brand in the ocean of online content. As a well-founded web design company in Chennai will make sure you’re well taken care of.


Red Maple Media is a Digital Marketing & Advertising Agency, that excels in both traditional & digital advertising. With 25 years of experience in this field, we give our clients a much needed edge to perfect the advertising campaigns on all platforms - TV, Print, FM and Digital.